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3D-Dstllary Sol

(High Sugar and High VA Molasses-based Alcohol Fermentation and Condensate Water Recycling)

The primary issues with wasted lees water and evaporator condensate are.

High concentrations of dissolved gases and volatile acids.

Faster bacterial contamination growth is caused by the presence of organic debris and nutrients.

The ability to recycle condensate water in the fermentation process will be made possible by addressing the aforementioned issues and supplying enough nutrients for yeast development.

There are sophisticated systems like ZLD available on the market to clean condensate water, but they have very high operating costs. We have developed  3D-Dstllary Sol

Product to eliminate condensate water difficulties for use in the fermentation process based on our expertise solving challenging challenges in industrial water treatment.

Benefits of  3D-Dstllary Sol

controls bacterial infection and volatile acid in fermentation.

Reduces and Brakes production of volatile acids during fermentation.

gives yeast the nutrition it needs to flourish.

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Product Description

Brand 3dimensional Collateral
PP Bags

3D-Dstllary Sol

Moisture N/A
Storage Cool and Dry Place
Packaging Size 50 kg, 100 kg
Shelf Life 12 months
Grade Consumables
Usage/Application Distillery industries
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram