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Specially developed for use in high sugar fermentation and alcohol fermentation using molasses, 3D- Dstllarygain. It is a combination of unique enzymes and micronutrients.

The primary difficulties with high sugar fermentation are as follows:

Alcohol production by yeast begins to be inhibited by high sugar concentration levels.

High concentrations of dissolved gases and volatile acids.

organic stuff is present, and microorganisms with a high biomass are growing.


In order to address the issues of volatile acids, bacterial contamination, and the conversion of yeast dead cells (proteins) to amino acids, 3D-DstllaryGain-is a multicomponent blend of patented enzymes.

Protease enzymes present in formulation break the cell walls of contaminant microorganisms and increase the FAAN Content in fermentation system, which is necessary for yeast growth. Enzymes react with organic acids present in fermented wash and form intermediate that ultimately breaks them down into organic carbon resulting in less volatile acids formation.

By using this enzyme, it hydrolysed polysaccharides included in B-heavy molasses, such as starch, dextrin, cellulose, etc., and transformed them into reducing sugar, which was then converted into alcohol by the yeast.


The benefits of 3D-DstllaryGain-

prevents fermentation from becoming contaminated by bacteria.

Reduces and Brakes production of volatile acids during fermentation.

gives yeast the nutrition it needs to flourish.

reduces unwanted byproduct involvement in the fermentation and distillation processes.

Increase the alcohol content to match that of recovered wash and fermented wash.

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Product Description

Brand 3dimensional Collateral
Material 3D-Dstllarygain
Moisture N/A
Storage Cool and Dry Place
Packaging Size 50 kg, 100 kg
Shelf Life 12 months
Grade Consumables
Usage/Application Distillery industries
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram