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A symbiotic mixture of bio nutrients is used to replace inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus sources like urea and DAP as well as other crucial micronutrients like zinc and magnesium for bacterial growth in both anaerobic and aerobic water treatment processes.

In the process of treating water, bacteria are crucial.   To keep bacteria healthy and promote faster and more robust growth of MLSS (Mixed Liquid Suspended Solids) in both aerobic and anaerobic processes, DstllaryE-3D is a rich source of biologically available nitrogen in the form of protein enzyme, essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. This increases the efficiency of effluent treatment.

Benefits of DstllaryE-3D

Increases in cell division and growth in microorganisms.

provides all necessary nutrients; no additional nitrogen source is required.

protein and peptides are hydrolysed to provide valuable attackable nitrogen.

increased output and less byproduct generation.

Totally organic and water-soluble foundation.

COD/BOD reduction


We are a reputable company that provides an unrivalled selection of composting microbes. The 3dimension collateral microbial culture is an excellent microbial product for dealing with challenging issues in the treatment of solid waste and sewage. Our multifaceted sewage treatment method cleans the sewage, removes solid pollutants, and makes it suitable for industrial use while reducing the amount of water needed for composting. We employ both anaerobic and aerobic sewage treatment techniques.

Application industry

prepared for usage Activated Microbial Bio Culture is employed in the biological process of water treatment as an aerobic process.

Industry applications: sugar and distilleries

Paper & Pulp

sewage processing facility


reduces the industrial wastewater treatment effluent’s BOD, COD, and SS levels.

increases the speed of recovery from disruptions

expands the capacity of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems

enhances floc settling development, preventing sludge thickening.

Growth of MLSS

enhances the breakdown of certain target chemicals in waste

minimises sludge build-up and breaks down fat and grease build-up.

improves odour control through organic acid oxidation in nature

Changes Biomass Dynamics satisfies PCB standards.

Affordable and simple to use



Product Description

Brand 3dimensional Collateral
PP Bags

DstllaryE-3D/ SyncultE-3D

Moisture N/A
Storage Cool and Dry Place
Packaging Size 50 kg, 100 kg
Shelf Life 12 months
Grade Consumables
Usage/Application ETP/CPU industries
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kilogram

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